A Neighborly Shout Across the Fence

IMG_2225-0Hello all! Hoping you’ll choose to join me on this journey to simplicity of living. Getting back to nature, doing things you love, spending time with family, friends and neighbors and just plain slowing down the pace of life when you can. We all know there are crazy, hectic times when you feel like the carousel of life just won’t stop spinning!   Projects at work are due, volunteer time is at it’s peak, and family obligations are plenty! It’s difficult to even keep the laundry piles from tumbling down around you and decent, healthy food prepared to nourish your family. By the way, what is a weekend? Do those even exist any more?

My goal is to carve out those moments of peace in daily living. Find balance in my world, make time to serve my God and my family, and get back to a slower pace in which I thrive.

Join me?

Living Simply overlook
<em>Overlooking the valley</em>

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