Somewhere Between

imageDo you often feel that you are in this world, but not of it? That you lead an average life working to put food on the table, to keep a home and raise a family, but your heart longs for simpler times? And by simpler times, I don’t mean when things were easy by any stretch of the word. But a time when values mattered. Materialism wasn’t a reality because choices were few and you made do with what you had… and altered it to serve you better, or fixed it to keep it longer. Folks scratched the land to help feed their families and maybe raised a few animals or so for eggs, dairy, or meat. They went to church for fellowship on a regular basis, praising God for what they had and trusting Him for what lie ahead. People were less critical and more patriotic. A time when those nearby were neighborly, people were more considerate, children respected their elders and people were just plain open to being friendly.

There’s no reason we can’t be more like those “old timers” today.  I believe that there are many humble folks out there who would love to slow down and take life at a more leisurely pace.

This blog will share a snap-shot of my own life, thoughts, values, dreams, and undertakings. Our daily attempts and struggles to simplify in my family’s own little corner of rural suburban Pennsylvania.

Living Simply overlook
<em>Overlooking the valley</em>

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