I have to confess. Mine is a slow work in progress. We moved into our home two years ago (hard to believe, already!) and our shame-inducing secret is: we downsized but brought it all with us! (Hanging my head in shame). There it is. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief.

I am in no way ashamed of downsizing our home. In fact, I personally prefer a modest, no-frills dwelling. So why the clutter?  The purchase of our place happened much more quickly than anticipated. We had been living in an enormous old turn-of-the-century apartment for many years. It had loads of character, but virtually no storage space. However, we’d managed to acquire lots of “things” to fill it’s cavernous rooms over time. So when my husband Danny’s grandmother passed away, and we accepted the offer to purchase the property, we wanted to have a sale.  Do some decluttering to disperse of all that was not going to fit in at our new location. However, it was preferred that the house not sit vacant for any amount of time and so it was suggested that we go ahead and move right in. Obligingly, we packed everything up, with the intention of thinning out once we got settled, and into the garage, shed and basement it all went. (Insert heavy weight here).

image Grooooaaaaannnnn!

Anything but simple living, right? Well, to say the least, simplicity is my ultimate goal. I love my home. I love my family. I so enjoy our little corner of the world with our fruit trees, Swedish ducks, well-loved gardens, our hillside and view of colorful sunsets and approaching weather, our endearing neighbors, the wildlife that frequents our property… But the ugly fact remains. There is a lot of work to be done.

No, we did not want to move it all with us. No, we are not attached to everything we own, and yes, we are ready to let it go and bless someone else with these items. So what’s the hold-up, you ask? Time. Ugh. We all struggle with it. Work, commutes, obligations, volunteering, family and the usual daily tasks and upkeep of running a home, exhaustion…

Oh, my... Oh, my…

So, I am steadily chipping away. Small steps to the simplicity we desire. As they say – A place for everything and everything in it’s place!  Yes, it can be overwhelming. Yes, there are times I want to throw in the towel because I’m just not sure what to go through  next, or what to do with certain items, or it seems like every new project hinges on another… But I am dedicated to decluttering our home so that we can declutter our minds and live in a relaxing atmosphere that envelopes us with peace. After all, less stuff can provide more opportunity for what matters most – relationships, family, more time spent together, slowing down the pace and seeing what’s around you for the “first” time.


Living Simply overlook
<em>Overlooking the valley</em>

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One thought on “Clutter

  1. Decluttering. ..or carefully curating…our homes, work space, etc. helps with creativity as well as much needed peace of mind. Keep at it. I KNOW you will get there. Like anything worthy, it takes time. Love you.💖


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