Five Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life


Sometimes things are easier said than done. Some things seem far too simple to be effective or too darned difficult to even start. There are many ways one can begin to simplify their life, but doing so doesn’t only mean downsizing, buying less, having everything in its place, or clearing your schedule of a lot of  “stuff”. Of course these ideas are a huge part of a simple lifestyle. But here, I will list five other ways that I have personally found to simplify my own life.

  1. Think positive. Ok, before you quickly scroll past this obvious idea, consider this… Being positive is a choice. Most of my life I’ve lived with thoughts of negativity. But being negative about any situation is not going to help your cause. Is your problem really the issue, or is it all in the way you look at your problem? As soon as we allow negativity to creep into our thoughts and become the filter through which we pass all things, it begins to sap the joy and peace from our lives. Instead, find the positive in every situation. Make a list if you must. (Even if it is simply a list of what your situation is not). Live with an attitude of Faith.
  2. Be happy with what you’ve got. A simple person is a satisfied person, not craving more things, but thoroughly enjoying what she has, and trusting God’s provision at all times.
  3. Stop trying to do things you’re not good at. No, really. I mean it. Life’s too short. Stop frustrating yourself and instead take joy in the simple pleasure of those things for which you are passionate. These are the things that will cause you to excel and find joy. Bonus: Allow yourself to say no. Even saying yes to too many good things is a bad thing.)
  4. Stop worrying about what others think.  Recognize that if someone has a problem with you, and you simply can’t please them,  it is their problem, not yours. they are only hurting themselves. Let it go. Accept them for who they are and move forward.
  5. Take control of your thoughts. Where the mind goes, the heart follows. You know it when you’re heading down a destructive path with your thinking. Redirect. You can control where your mind goes. It is not easy at first, but once you’ve practiced, and mastered, this crucial element you will have achieved a major break-through in your goal to simple living. You will find that you’ve got more self control, more compassion, more patience, and more margin for the good stuff in your life. Let go of the ugly. How? Start by filling your mind with good stuff. Positive media only. If television, radio talk shows, your news feed, or whatever – brings out the defensiveness in you, do away with it. Don’t go there. Believe it or not, there is a lot of positive stuff out there if you look for it.

Understand that our culture would have you believe that you must have more – bigger , better, newer, flashier, bling-ier. More aspiration, more on your plate, more to attend, more expensive or brand name items… More headaches, more stress, more to maintain, more, more, more. Don’t believe it. In order to simplify you must be different. Willing to go against the grain. Willing to stand for what matters most to you, and let go of worldly things. Consider whether something truly fits into the lifestyle you want for you and your family. Simplicity begins with you.


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