Autumn’s Last Song

Autumn's vibrant colors. Autumn’s vibrant colors.

I woke early this morning and decided to go for a walk around our humble homestead. Being a lover of the outdoors and nature, it’s one of my favorite ways to get a few extra steps in my day. Noticing the various ways that autumn is nudging out the last vestiges of summer, I decided to take a few photos as I strolled.

We’ve already had a heavy frost up here on the hill, and dare I say that we have seen sleet and flurries as well! I am not looking forward to another frigid Pennsylvania winter, though I wouldn’t want to give up the variety of all four seasons. Each bringing its own charming appeal.

image Free-ranging on the homestead.

Spring, with its long-awaited warmth, splendid sunshine, gardening, clean fresh air, and much needed relief from months of cabin fever!  (Not to mention my excitement of once again hanging fresh laundry out to dry in warm gusts of wind.)

Summer – full of lazy afternoons, picnics, extended daylight to work in the yard, freshly grown produce, nights around the fire pit with good neighbors and great friends, trips to the lake and glowing summer skin.

Then fall suddenly sneaks in as the imageexcitement of a new school year begins and you start to notice the intense brightness of the sun positioned lower in the sky. Leaves start to turn, festivals abound, and apples are full and ripe on the trees as squirrels scurry to store away provisions for the winter – reminding me that I’d better harvest the last of the winter squash and find a cool place in the basement to preserve it until the day we have a proper root cellar.

And finally… Old Man Winter arrives. When the dark grey clouds hang low and the air is brisk with the smell of coming snow. Swirling flakes – sometimes softly fluttering down like a picturesque card – putting you in the mood for a quaint Christmas! And at other times a whirling white-out of a blizzard pelting you with its icy little balls while you tug your hat a little tighter and snug your scarf up around your face just to step out and get the mail.

Preparing for colder weather. Preparing for colder weather.

It’s comforting that each season brings a special appeal, just like the seasons of our own lives. Always changing, growing, letting go – as well as leaving behind, and renewing its beauty. Just as God intended.

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<em>Overlooking the valley</em>

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