A Picture of Simple Beauty

In the vibrant Autumn sun. In the vibrant Autumn sun.
Peeping on the Camp. Peeping on the Camp.
Curious onlooker. Curious onlooker.

I am by no means a photographer. But I have always enjoyed taking photos of my own, documenting life events and capturing the beauty of nature around me. I like to use my own photos for my blog, and am known to randomly share snapshots with friends and family throughout my day when something reminds me of them.

Inspired by my friend, and fellow blogger Kenneth McMillan and his amazing photos at Hard-To-Come-By Life, I have decided to share a small sampling of my own photos of daily life here. I hope you enjoy them.

Beautiful amethyst berries. Beautiful amethyst berries.
Roots. Roots.
Autumn vines clinging to a wall. Autumn vines clinging to a wall.
Timid whitetail. Timid whitetail.
In the morning. In the morning.
Pixie - PLLLL! Pixie – PLLLL!
Dawnauld and Daffy - Best friends! Dawnauld and Daffy – Best friends!

Be blessed today and see the simple beauty around you.


Living Simply overlook
<em>Overlooking the valley</em>

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