Jack Frost Makes A Visit

As I woke this morning and shuffled to the kitchen for my morning cup of coffee, I looked out the back window to a surprising white beauty. Overnight a very heavy frost had covered everything in an icy white glaze, and a fog loomed over the valley. I quickly decided to head out to walk our property and down over the hill to search for some photo opportunities. These are a few of my results.

Misty Morning Misty Morning
image The Sun Shining Through
image Frosty Fern Fronds
image Sugared Berries
image Like the Down of a Thistle

Even the poor girls’ feathers began to turn crispy after I let them out of the coop and into the garden. But the sun was warm and felt good on my face.  So I enjoyed my time outdoors, looking out over the valley and knowing that the beauty of the chilly morning would soon evaporate into a wintery memory.

The Valley The Valley

5:16PM: Just stepped out onto the back porch and had to add this beautiful sunset. God is so amazing to provide an awesome and beautiful morning, and then this spectacular sunset to close another blessed day…


Living Simply overlook
<em>Overlooking the valley</em>

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