The Winds of Change

imageFinding it hard to sleep tonight as I listen to the howling winds whipping up the hill and the heavy rains beating the side windows of the house. It’s supposed to begin snowing over night as another storm moves into the area. Hard to believe that it was a sunny, beautiful 64 degree day today.

I ponder the thought, as I sit here in bed, that March came in like a timid lamb but decided to rear its fickle head and become the lion before the night is through. Lightning is now piercing the sky and I can hear the fan skipping as the power tries to decide if it’s worth the effort to remain on. Experiencing several seasons in a brief period is one of the nuances of living in the North East. Earlier in the evening the winds were holding steady at 20-30 MPH with frequent gusts of 50 or more. I chased a bird bath down the street and brought it inside to return to our neighbor when things calm down a bit.

Weather is one of my simple joys in life. I love that I can see it approaching from our hilltop and can easily view various cloud formations, oncoming storms, the rain or snow before it hits, and the often breathtaking sun set or sun rise in the morning…

imageThis morning I, myself, rise to a snow-covered wonderland out back. (That’s right! I fell asleep blogging! – don’t judge! 🙂 ) I had scheduled the day off to get some things done and today stretches out before me like a blank canvas. Sort of like our pure, white, snow-covered yard. There are a few errands that must be run, some cleaning up to do, a bit of decluttering and some planning… But what really calls to my heart is the set of deer tracks I see crossing the road and coming up over our hill. Must make some time in my day to see where they were heading. Tracking in winter is another of my simple pleasures! Adding margin into my schedule is a must in order to keep such passions alive.


So, while last night’s winds of change cleared nature of it’s dead branches, dirt and debris, and the pure snow has fallen to wipe it clean, it is clear that the Earth is readying itself for spring. Which is exactly what I am planning to begin today. Readying our home, and family, for the warmer weather to come. Clearing out the “dead branches” so to speak, getting rid of our own “dirt and debris” and wiping our little corner of the world clean for spring. It’s a start. So, off to make my list and prioritize what I can get done today  and not stress over what will have to be placed on the back-burner for another time.

Too bad I can’t simply blow through like the winds of change! But still, I hope that with a smile on my face, I can greet my family this evening with a partially transformed home and stead, and the peace that we can sit back for a bit to enjoy the fruits of the coming spring.

Spring has sprung!
Spring has sprung!


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2 thoughts on “The Winds of Change

  1. I had such big plans for my day! But my hubby wanted to have lunch together, and that is more important to me. 😃 I did get a few things done, but I’m afraid I’ve probably made a bigger mess doing them! Lol!
    At least my new carpet cleaner is put together and I am looking over the instructions. And I ran one of my errands…

  2. I love this post! Today was the same for us, we woke up to a dusting on the ground and snow coming down, right after a warm day of yard work and hanging laundry outdoors! New England is so unpredictable!

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