My First Rant on Social Media


After reading this article on Facebook this morning I lost my cool. Never mind that I woke early  and started my day with a new Bible study on simplifying my life, which left me in a really good place. I then made some nice French toast with blueberries and real maple syrup and shared a relaxing breakfast on the back porch with my husband, Danny. We listened to the birds sing while sipping our coffee and watching the amusing antics of our garden ducks. Peaceful.image

Then I came into the house and picked up my phone to check and see if there was any news on picking up our daughter from her first mission trip later today. Instead of scrolling quickly through  Facebook to look for a post from her Youth Pastor, my eye settled on the above article and suddenly my earlier peace went out the window. Should I not have posted my response (below)?  Please comment to let me know what you think.

This (see article) is worth a read. And serious contemplation. We NEED to take back this nation. This government needs a serious clean sweep. I try to stay away from political reference on my Facebook posts, but this stuff makes my blood boil. I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut. Pray for this nation. We’re “going to hell in a hand basket” as they say. Civil unrest needs to stop. We need to unite as a country. To hell with political correctness. VIRTUES. HONESTY. RESPECT. Tolerance with the freedom to your own beliefs without judgement. The last time I checked this was still the United States. And while I’m at it- MEDIA rules this country. I believe in freedom of speech – but not freedom to lie and spin every story to suit your own agenda. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Open your eyes and see what’s going on. And for God’s sake – STOP KILLING PEOPLE. Focus on bettering YOURSELF. That’s where it starts. No one owes you anything in this world. Work hard and be respectful. That should be the simple, honest truth in this nation. It used to be. And back then, guess what? It wasn’t such a bad place to be.

The land of the free because of the brave.
The land of the free because of the brave.
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