Day 1: The Reality of It

Day one of my current purge has come and gone. At first, I was a bit saddened when it began to dawn on me that the five days I have set aside for this mission are not going to result in the incredibly simplified, organized home that I envision when I close my eyes and think of what our humble surroundings could be. It is just not enough time to completely deal with twenty-plus years of accumulations and a downsize that happened too quickly for the mass declutter that was truly needed.

However, last evening when my husband and daughter returned from work and school, we sat down together at the dining room table and enjoyed our dinner together. This encouraged lots of sharing and connecting in ways that are missed when we eat in front of the TV, or she goes off to her room with a plate and some homework.


She also joined me in the office/spare room/major stash n’ dash territory… and poured over some old photos I had unearthed of her early childhood, family members that are now gone, and days when her dad and I were much younger.  We laughed, remembered together, and shed some tears at the memories of those we loved.

Later, before bed last night, my hubby closed himself in the office with the dog (I heard lots of let-go’s, what are you doing’s, and put that down’s!) and emerged later having gone through some shelves of books and magazines that he is willing to let go of. Yeah!

So clearly, as a family, we have

And the purge goes on…

already begun to benefit from letting go of the clutter in our home. Connections were made, memories were shared, some things we’d been looking for, or had forgot about, were uncovered and will be given new life, and the inspiration has caught fire to pitch in and continue the declutter.

Captain’s log: First day of the purge, total success! Ready for day two!



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One thought on “Day 1: The Reality of It

  1. I will need to start at the beginning of your blogs and get to know the real you. Love your thoughts and expression!

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