Day 2: The Five Day Purge Continuation


Day two was a bit of a slower pace, but constant. I wasn’t quite sure where to start, there is so much to do and I want it all done now! I know that’s not possible. As they say – your house didn’t get this messy overnight and it’s not going to be clean overnight either. So, I carried on at a turtle’s pace.

It was good. I got much of the kitchen and living room done today as well as tossing all expired items from the bathroom cabinets. My accomplishments are definitely more visible today (in our well-used living spaces) than behind closed doors, in the yet unfinished office. So, I will share some photos here:

No amazing revelations or finds this time, but our girl has a friend staying the night after a school dance. They rode the bus home together and we all ate pizza and appetizers (at the dining room table once again) and enjoyed one another’s company. I will admit to feeling a little bit of pride at the much clearer space to welcome a guest into. Can I just insert here how amazed I am by people who live and thrive in tiny spaces!? Please let me know if you live in a tiny house.

So, my next step is much larger. The basement. Eager to get in there! We have been wanting to finish it for a long time and expand our usable living area. However, each time I complete a huge effort downstairs, it fills back up again because the upstairs overflows, and more stuff continues to come in. Why? Because try as I might I must admit to not always being a good steward of the things we have. It’s time to let go and clear out those things that we truly do not need. To stop more excess of stuff from entering in so we can enjoy more excess of life.

A more conscious effort must be made. Is it time for me to start my own challenge of not making any unnecessary purchases for a specified amount of time? I am enthralled by reading of folks that have managed to go an entire year without making a single purchase. Hmm… may be something to consider, on an experimentally smaller scale, following the completion of my 5 Day Purge.

I am ready to begin again.






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