Day 3: In It For The Long Haul


Day three has been long and tiring with many distractions and not much satisfaction. I began in the basement with my first area of focus being the drawers under the stairs. (Sounds creepy enough for this time of year, no?) It was scary!  I pulled everything out (there are about 15 full-sized drawers). Mostly bakeware, tablecloths, dish towels and aprons, kitchen gadgets and utensils, my special tea things, board games, candles and vases, lunch gear and Bento boxes.  Yes, it was a lot. So, needless to say, things must get worse before they get better!


Decisions became harder to make today for some reason, and I felt distracted, a bit frustrated, and more than a little disillusioned.

I asked for some help from my hubby, who offered suggestions and aided in making decisions, where I was undecided or felt like I just didn’t know. He had some great input, and we made some worthwhile compromises. For instance – we have a lot of family games and discovered that we each share the goal of getting back to enjoying them with family and friends. Several of them are classics (ahem, some might go as far as to say “vintage”). Many we love, or used to really enjoy at another time in our lives, but I didn’t want to keep them all ‘just because’ they are old-timey games that are hard to find these days. So, hubby said, “ How about we don’t get rid of any game unless we play it first and then decide?” Well , alright! Sounds like the funnest way to declutter to me! I’m all for that idea.


Another thing to work in my favor this afternoon was a sweet friend letting me know that our local high school was (conveniently:) hosting a booster. They were being paid by the pound for whatever gently used items they could load onto the back of a tractor-trailer. So, I finished hoisting as many overflowing bags and boxes of items as I could get, into my small SUV, from the past few days. Then made my way over to support our local Mustangs after first stopping to drop off the bags of clothes to assist our brave veterans.

It was quite a productive day despite my feelings of overwhelm. Not a thing is truly done, and there is still a whole basement to tackle beyond the bank of drawers below the stairs, and I will admit to decluttering only. There is no organizing going on at this time. In fact, I am well aware that I will go back again and do a last purge of everything once I have had time to step back and think more clearly. And then I will begin to organize. That will be another chapter altogether.


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