Identifying Your Priorities

After revealing a bit about our spending habits, (in my previous post Spending Significantly Less) it makes sense to think about what our true priorities are. Not what the world dictates that they sihould be, but what matters most to you deep within your heart. If you delve in to find that your biggest and only priorities are sustenance, a few articles of clothing, and a roof over your head, congratulations! You are already a true minimalist and need to read no further. But seriously, creating a simpler life does not mean that you must let go of quality of life.


You can have things, you can do things, and you can dream and reach goals while leading a simpler life style. You may want to pause here and jot down in your journal what you know to be some of your personal priorities. Mine look like this (in no particular order):

My faith: My faith is a tremendously important factor in who I am. In my belief system, my moral compass, and the spiritual family I have been blessed with in my church and growth group there.

My family: My days revolve around the needs and desires of my immediate family. I love them intensely and feel the pull to do so much more for them. I truly want to focus more on doing fun things with my hubby, and nurturing that delicate relationship with my teenage daughter. (And don’t even think of doing anything to cause my Mama Bear to come out!)

Hospitality & Encouragement of Others: Wouldn’t it be wonderful to honestly have an open door policy with no worries of your stuff embarrassing you? This is my number one goal for simplifying our home. I want my family to feel ensconced in peace when they are at home. I want to be able to have anyone, at anytime, stop at our house and be warmly welcomed and invited in to sit down and chat awhile. I want our home to be a refuge and a safe place for kids to hang out, and neighbors, friends, and family to relax, feel welcomed and catch-up.

Finances: Well, you already know that I am not fond of this subject. But some things that are really important to me here are spending locally, buying with less packaging, gardening to provide a supplemental food source, cooking and baking more from scratch, and learning more ways of sustainability.

Health & Wellness: Sigh. I definitely need to spend more time taking better care of myself and feeding my family healthy meals. More organization, and planning, would go a long way in this area!

Our Home: What can I say? This one’s a biggie!  This is by far the greatest obstacle to reaching my goal of a simple life. For those of you that are not aware, we made quite a downsize in our home about 4 years ago. This happened quickly and a lot of baggage (from a much larger space) came along with us to our small and cozy home, without a chance to really go through it. Oh. My.

My Work: Over the years I have spent my “life away from my family” by putting my efforts toward work at a non-profit organization. Though I still would not choose to work if I didn’t have to, it has evolved into something I can truly be proud of. Working in a non-profit that serves kids, we are making an undeniable difference in their lives. There has been considerable change, and growth, in me, as well, as I welcome new challenges and opportunities into my days. It has pulled me out of my shy turtle shell, and generated much confidence.

Unfortunately, during this season of life, despite knowing my priorities, I can never seem to stretch myself thin enough and I know I need to simplify further. It takes effort. It is not as easily done as simplifying sounds to be. I find that, like restoring a long neglected home, once you begin to tear down one wall, you find everything else that it effects and the project seems to hinge on so much more.

Simplifying life is much like that. But it’s time to dig in and get serious about our renovation project. For example, last night it was late and I was lying on the couch watching reruns of Law & Order. I thought to myself – I could accomplish so much more if I wasn’t so exhausted all of the time. Immediately I was convicted with the reality that if I went to bed earlier I would have more energy. How could I go to bed earlier with all that needs done? I could plan better. Utilizing my planner and scheduling in time and ideas for things of importance – and going back to it to look at and do what I have written down!

Have you narrowed down the things that are truly important to you?  It’s time to break them down further into segments of action that you can begin to work toward. Those items on your list should be receiving regular attention – and if they do – will aid in moving you toward your own goals of simplicity. Let’s renovate!

I = Identify Your Priorities.

On my teabag this afternoon. I know it’s blurry (it’s still a blur for me too) but I do want this every day. Don’t you?

For we are God’s handiwork. – Ephesians 2:10



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