The Simple Act of Being Thankful

Being grateful for what you have FAC3E2E8-1B03-4DB4-AA3B-3E1D521D7BCFin life is one of the easiest (and best!) ways to simplify. When you are genuinely happy with what you have, no matter how much or how little, you will find that you live with true contentment.

On this Thanksgiving Day, pause for a moment and think about the blessings that have been bestowed upon you. Jot them in your journal, giving thanks for the simple things that bring you joy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • The joy of a beautiful, frost-covered morning.
  • A soft kitty nuzzling me awake as I snuggle down deeper into the warm blankets.
  • Quiet, peaceful time to study my Bible and reflect on God’s goodness.
  • Watching my daughter become more graceful and confident as she dances on her Pointe shoes.
  • A hot, steaming cup of coffee to soothe me into a more wakened state.
  • A dear friend to share in my health and fitness quest.
  • Talking to my husband about our plans for the house and what projects to start next.
  • Knowing my mom is rising early to cook us all a lovely meal today.
  • Reaching the ability to have much contentment in the small things.




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