Minimize Your Possessions

Perhaps the most obvious accomplishment in living a simpler lifestyle is to minimize the amount of possessions you own. This is one of my favorite parts of moving toward a simplified existence. I don’t generally find it difficult to let go of what I really don’t need. And there is nothing better than that feeling of peace, space, and relief to walk into a room that has been newly decluttered, cleaned and organized.

But what about the hard E1172DC3-76F8-43C2-8723-52FF007C2F09questions? What happens when others in your family don’t share the same ease of letting go? Or the shared goal of picking up and putting away? It’s not an easy thing. Sometimes it is just too overwhelming. I struggle with this in my own family more often than not. I’ve found that the only thing to do is lead by example. Continue to declutter my own things, clean up and find places for what’s left, and hope that my family is inspired to follow suit. (Then giving praise and encouragement with small accomplishments.) Sometimes it works. Sometimes… I move onto the next thing and hope for the best when it comes around again.

As I’ve mentioned before, I habitually ask myself a few simple questions when decluttering any area of my home, regardless of wether it’s one drawer in my nightstand, a bedroom closet, or a larger project like an entire room or the garage.

  • Do I really need this?
  • Will it bring me closer to my goal?
  • Do I have another one like it, or something that can be used in its place?
  • How often do I actually use it? Do I even use it?
  • Can I borrow one instead?

8A789C89-BF34-42B3-AC32-EB569A09DCE9Finding that you don’t truly need it or love it? Box it up to send off to the Vets, or place it in the car for the next drop off. Don’t look back.

I have been working temporarily from home for the first time this week and I have to say how much I have had the itch to sink my efforts into another round of decluttering. But alas, I had to keep my head down and focus on other priorities! Still, the New Year is coming and I am dreaming of fresh starts. Aren’t you? Let’s make it SIMPLE and encourage one another along the path to our goals in this new year!

S-pend significantly less

I-dentify your priorities

M-inimize your possessions





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5 thoughts on “Minimize Your Possessions

  1. I really need to follow through on my goal of decluttering everything in my life. Let’s see how 2018 goes.

  2. That’s exactly how you need to look at it. Have a goal in mind and ask yourself those simple questions. If it’s really not leading you toward your goal, or any of those other ideas, feel free to let it go and let someone else be blessed by it. As the old adage goes: One mans junk is another man’s treasure. So true. Think about some of the items that you’ e Picked up here or there at a fleatique, etc. and how you just adore it. Well, it previously belonged to someone else who was willing to let it go! And please, don’t ever feel guilty letting go of anything that I have given you if it’s time has passed and you really don’t need or want it. You will feel better for it.

  3. Why can’t I be more like you in this area? So hard to let go of this & that because sometimes it’s a gift. I find myself feeling guilty. But maybe it can be a blessing for someone else.


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