Coming To Terms With The Capsule Wardrobe…

I can’t stop thinking about the capsule wardrobe. I’ve been trolling Pintrest and have found lots of great ideas. I’m still a little scared to try it. Really afraid to let go of some of my favorite comfy clothes!  Not to mention that it is definitely a bit intimidating with the extreme cold we have been experiencing in the North East this winter.

I have loosely mentioned before that I’ve given thought to trying it on a trial basis.  I actually did do this with my work clothes for one week – allowing myself to come up with as many outfits as I could from just a handful of pre-selected clothing items. It was kind of fun.

So, while it still strikes terror in me (maybe that wording is a little harsh! Lol!) to let go of my stash of after-work-cozy-clothes, I think I am ready to challenge myself with a little wardrobe experiment (Cheesy pun intended ;).


I got to thinking about the steps I used to take while decluttering my daughter’s room when she was younger. Naturally, she would never want to let go of any of her beloved stuffed animals. It was tough. They were all her favorites for one reason or another.

So, we would set aside the ones that she played with on a regular basis, or couldn’t sleep without, and tucked the others away in a bag to store in the basement.

I was pretty up front with her that we would leave them there for 6 months or a year, and if she ever missed one and needed it, it was right there and I would get it for her. And I would have been happy to. But I don’t think she ever asked for them. She was always happy and played with the few favorites she chose, enjoying the fact that her room and bed were much less cluttered. In the end, after the designated amount of time had passed, we would donate the stored toys to bless someone else.

I can’t help but think that this same concept could work for me with my closet and dresser. In fact, I could store in the basement whatever items don’t make it into the test-capsule wardrobe, and allow my teen to be the keeper of them. I won’t even look and allow myself to be tempted. In fact, she would probably love having control over that! Lol! And in 6 months to a year – if I haven’t needed any of them – time to let go and bless another!

I would feel much better about doing it this way.  Just as not all methods of simplifying are for everyone, I am not ready to part with everything in my clothing repertoire without a trial run to see if it is for me. I may find that simply downsizing is enough and after a month (or whatever amount of time I choose to test this minimal-wardrobe concept) – I might ask myself why I didn’t do this sooner!? We won’t know until I try.



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