Simplicity Rushes In

It has taken a long while to trust and appreciate who I am.  I’ve reached an age and stage in life where I am quite comfortable with “me.”  Each and every happenstance throughout my journey has formed the confident person that I have grown to be.  I no longer allow the words and actions of others to paralyze me and take over countless hours in my mind ruminating over thoughts that I am inferior in some way.  That I don’t measure up, and never will. Self-imposed? Maybe. It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is the level of joy in my life, of which there is much.  The key, stop looking outward for acceptance and validation. Others’ expectations of me are what they want.  Not what I need.  And not who I was divinely created to be. Instead, I chose to look inward at the core of what genuinely makes me happy.  And my world has changed.

This shift in thought has allowed me to let go.  Let go of the emotional baggage I have carried for too many decades.  Let go of the self-deprecating ideas I’d held onto about who I thought I was expected to be.  To throw off the chains that have held me back from so much for so long.  It has been a life-freeing experience!  So this is what it means to declutter your mind.

It all seems so clear now.  For longer than I care to admit I have struggled with removing the clutter from my home.  I/d struggled to simplify my life by starting with outward circumstance. Having a natural passion to write this blog, recording my journey of struggles and victories.  Ready to take on the world…!  And then crash. Every. Time.  Why?  Because for me, the key was working through what was on the inside first, before I could tackle the accumulation of “stuff” on the outside.

I find that emotional and mental clutter is usually mentioned somewhere towards the middle or end of any book, advice, or system I have ever explored; or simply not mentioned, with full focus being on how to physically unclutter tangible items.  And that’s OK.  However, I knew that for me, this was an area of personal conflict.  Something that I would eventually have to confront and defeat.  What I didn’t realize was that it was the thing that was holding me back most.

Today? Dark clouds have lifted.  Today, there is both hope and clarity encompassing what truly provides joy in my life.  A life of less.  A life of simplicity.  And it is obtainable.


“But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.” – Jeremiah 17:7 NLT

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