Read It, Know It, Defend It.

My personal lament for the day is anything but simple as I pray and meditate on God’s Word this morning. Our nation, this government, the good people of this country. WE – need to think critically about what is best for our collective future.
NO ONE’S self-righteous, self-centric ideal can, or will, solve the decline and disintegration of these United States. Pandemic, civil unrest, and a self-destructive divided government filled with evil and greed, that want only to beat each other down in their gluttonous clamber for more power. We are a nation of citizens teeming with anger, hatred, and fear ready to detonate at any second at anyone or anything – filled with rage and irrationality churning under the surface while each day we are smacked by the illogical actions of destruction in our cities and the less tangible DESTRUCTION OF OUR SPIRIT. When our spirit is broken we will no longer have control over our lives.

Do not allow that to happen. Take back control today. Stop. CHECK YOURSELF. What words are you saying? Who are you saying them to, about or in front of? Are they destructive? Hateful? Do they cause more division? Are YOU angry? Turn that rage into something positive. We must become intentional by replacing knee-jerk REACTION (violence, looting, the tearing down of our history as a nation – be it good or bad – hate, rage and entitlement) with profound and positive ACTION (VOTE from your local governing bodies to the POTUS election in November, write to your state representatives and congress, pray for our leaders and those in positions of leadership to seek and know the Will of God, and soften your heart to those around you). Show kindness to those you meet. Listen, learn, and show compassion. But stand firmly for what you believe in.

I admit without any guilt that I am conservative in my thoughts, actions and lifestyle. I’m not ashamed of that or of saying that I am patriotic about the founding ideals of this great nation. Our forefathers had the amazing insight to anticipate what actions would erode the fabric of our society and to put down in writing safeguards against them.

Our United States Constitution.

These are, by far, not easy times. You may have found yourself out of work, suffered the loss of a loved one to the virus, been impacted close to heart by the Black Lives Matter movement, watched your city burn or be desecrated by those who can’t begin to process their bitterness and frustration caused by years of systemic racism and oppression, or the reprehensible opportunists who viciously sought personal gain by looting and destruction of businesses and property in an already disparate situation, and even the insanity of a portion of the public that actually think their communities will be safer somehow by disbanding their police. However, we cannot lie down. Our society has been flipped upside down almost overnight. And our government has seized the occasion (exactly like those looting for their personal gain) to step in with their self-centric agendas.

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