Delivery Thank You’s On A Dime

Simple  Delivery Driver Thank You Basket
Sharing your gratitude doesn’t have to break the bank!

I admit it. Sometimes it’s easy to become busy at the holidays and forget the many folks who work diligently “behind the scenes” to make our lives easier. During those few brief weeks between Thanksgiving and December 24, as Black Friday officially signals the beginning of the gift-giving season, I am so grateful for those 2-day free deliveries and the drivers who fulfill them.

It is especially important to me to show my gratitude during this time of pandemic. There are many essential workers providing these services direct to my front porch and I want to be certain they are recognized for their dedication and thanked humbly for making my life easier.

It’s a rough time for us all this year and pennies will stretch less than ever for those who are no longer employed due to Covid-19. So, I put together this little basket to show my appreciation to each driver who trudges their way through the snow and up to my doorstep. Items used were purchased at our local Dollar Tree. I don’t receive any type of compensation through them, I just chose this store because everything’s a dollar. It’s a great place to find a lot of things, if you’re selective, and get them at a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere.

This simple ensemble cost $12 total, but a basket could be put together for as little or as much as you choose based on the items you include and how full you choose to make your basket. You can use any number of containers for your goodies but this little Santa belt basket was so cute that I couldn’t pass it up!

Next you will want to select your treats! I chose to include some Russell Stover Dark Chocolate Mint Patties and Peppermint Disk Candies in white chocolate, mini candy canes, Godiva Dark Chocolate and Ganache Bars and Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolate Candies. I also picked up a few cute little sleigh ornaments and put a couple of pieces of candy in each of them if someone would like to take a little gift. And they added charm to the basket as well! (Beware that links to the website sell by the case. In store purchases are all $1.)

I hope this easy project inspires you to put together a little something, no matter what amount you spend, to show your gratitude and say thanks to your delivery drivers for all they do!

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