My Simple Makeup Routine in 5 Minutes

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A Makeup Routine You Can Live With

Naturally, there are times when we all want to look our best. That can mean adding a little color to our face, especially during the sun-lacking winter months that leave you drained of color. Admittedly, I don’t wear makeup often, or much of it. Presenting a product-free face on most days is my personal preference. Yet, I find that it is a vital part of living a simple lifestyle to have a very minimal makeup routine, if any.

Sharing My Easy 5 Minute Routine

Consequently, I would like to share with you how I have pared-down my own beauty routine. It has become a very simple 5 minute process that you, too, can follow. Here, I will cover my basic routine which shouldn’t take more than 1 minute for each step. I will also share my favorite products. They make it so easy to add just enough natural-looking color to help me look and feel my best.

When I stumbled Onto The Idea of a Simple Routine

I have been very blessed to inherit healthy, young-looking skin. As a result, when I was a kid I remember people always telling my mom that she couldn’t be old enough to have us girls. So, as I grew into a teenager, she was often mistaken by our teachers for an older sibling. As a teen, I had to admit that it was kind of cool to not look like you were being driven around by your mom!

The Skin I’m In

In addition to a promising set of DNA, I also had a dear friend who never seemed to have a single blemish. His complexion had a perfect, healthy glow that to most people our age seemed impossible. While I did have pretty good skin, I would still battle the occasional minor break-out. So, when I asked him what he used on his face, I was shocked by his answer… Nothing. Water only. No soap. Ever.

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My Simple Make-Up Routine Was Born

From that moment on, I no longer sudsed-up with skin-drying soap products during my morning and before-bed routines. Likewise, I still use nothing on my face as a cleanser except pure water. Staying away from harsh and drying chemicals is easier to accomplish when you don’t often apply much makeup. That is to say, you will no longer require the additional helps of chemical-laden removers. Plus, it’s less expensive and is definitely better for your skin.

Here is My Simple Routine for Makeup

In the morning I begin by splashing a bit of cool water on my face to wake-up pores and revive tired skin. Then, I follow by patting dry with a soft towel.

I skip wearing foundations, powders, and the like. I do have an interest in caring for my skin, however. So, the search is always on for affordable products containing the most natural, organic ingredients and priced so they won’t break the bank! However, some applications just really work for me and I have not yet come across a natural product that is comparable.

Color That Face With An Easy Makeup Routine!

I start with a multistick. These things are great! At the least, I run an arch across my upper forehead, with a swipe on each cheek, and blend. The multistick can be used additionally for some color on the lips, a little depth to the eyelids, and some minor, well-blended shadowing down each side of the throat area.

My favorite is HAN’s Rose Berry All Natural Multistick. (Healthy. Active. Natural.) The shade blends well with my skin tone in both the pale months of winter and the golden glow of summer. Plus it is a fraction of the cost of other multistick brands. But be warned, the scent of it will have you salivating for a vanilla cupcake! ๐Ÿ™‚

This 5 minute routine fits in a bag the size of my hand!

5 Minutes to Simple Makeup

We’re almost done. No, Really! I’m not kidding. Next I move to my eyes with a bit of liner. Well, a good color stick. Incidentally, I search for these often and have used several brands that I like, but have not hit on a natural cosmetic just yet.. Right now I am using LA Colors JumboEyePencil in Sand Castles. This links to a similar product from NYX which I have also used. You may also hear these products referred to as eye crayons. Or, shadow sticks depending on the brand. I simply line my upper and lower lid at the lashes. These sticks have a creamy texture and can serve as both a natural-looking liner or blended as a shadow.

A Matter of Personal Preference

I should mention here, additionally, that I always gravitate toward a natural palette when it comes to my make-up. Browns, tans, rose, mauve, berries, plums… Of course, you will choose what goes with your own complexion, but I find that a natural palette compliments my coloring and is reflective of my simple lifestyle.

Lash Out and Pucker-Up That Makeup Routine

Naturally, you’ll need to add a little length and definition to those eyelashes. And a touch of mascara will do the trick. Therefore, in my make-up bag right now is Essence Lash Princess Waterproof False Lash Effect Mascara. I keep one in black, as that is the natural color of my lashes. Some days I would prefer to add a little volume without the color. So, I instead reach for my Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara. A product of Germany that treats lashes and brows gently, while sculpting them with a more natural look.

Organic facial care

Viola! You’re Ready

To sum up the ease of this simple routine, finally, add a little tint or gloss to your lips. I like C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries’ Rose Salve. It offers shiny gloss with a light hint of color. And has the most lovely rose scent and flavor!

It’s that easy. Above all, you’ll be ready to tackle the outside world head-on with confidence in both your inner and outer beauty!

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  1. I wish I could use makeup sticks, but I have just enough oil in my skin that it makes my face feel weird. Lol! But you always look dewy!๐Ÿ˜Š So jealous sis.


      1. Yes. I just hate how it feels on my face. ๐Ÿ˜‚

        Debra aww! I love mine. Makes life so easy when wanting to add a little quick color and get out of the house. Iโ€™ve never done any research to see if they make them for different skin types…?

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