Just A Little Photo Fun

Simple items create beautiful interest when paired with like subjects, color combinations, or poses.

The Winds of Change

Finding it hard to sleep tonight as I listen to the howling winds whipping up the hill and the heavy rains beating the side windows of the house. It's supposed to begin snowing over night as another storm moves into the area. Hard to believe that it was a sunny, beautiful 64 degree day today. … Continue reading The Winds of Change

Jack Frost Makes A Visit

As I woke this morning and shuffled to the kitchen for my morning cup of coffee, I looked out the back window to a surprising white beauty. Overnight a very heavy frost had covered everything in an icy white glaze, and a fog loomed over the valley. I quickly decided to head out to walk … Continue reading Jack Frost Makes A Visit

A Neighborly Shout Across the Fence

Hello all! Hoping you'll choose to join me on this journey to simplicity of living. Getting back to nature, doing things you love, spending time with family, friends and neighbors and just plain slowing down the pace of life when you can. We all know there are crazy, hectic times when you feel like the … Continue reading A Neighborly Shout Across the Fence