A Delicate Balance

If you're like me, you are stressed, tired, and overwhelmed - finding it a challenge to maintain the simple lifestyle you crave

Spend Significantly Less

What do you spend your money on besides food, clothing, shelter, utilities, tithing (if you belong to a congregation of faith), and other necessary personal or household items? We each have our own ideals and principles for what we cannot, and should not, do without. For many it’s an education to make life better and … Continue reading Spend Significantly Less

A Blank Slate

There’s nothing quite so simple as a clean slate. A blank page staring back at me, waiting to be filled with something worthwhile. Something that may inspire someone, give new perspective, or maybe validate someone else’s efforts to live a more minimal lifestyle. But the words don’t come. I sit and ponder the very idea … Continue reading A Blank Slate

Day 5: Finding Satisfaction In The Process

Day 5 has come to a close and I made it! I can relax and no longer spend every moment decluttering or thinking about what to do next. And yet, I know that this is just the beginning. Just a scratching of the surface that goes so much deeper to create the life of simplicity … Continue reading Day 5: Finding Satisfaction In The Process

Day 2: The Five Day Purge Continuation

Day two was a bit of a slower pace, but constant. I wasn’t quite sure where to start, there is so much to do and I want it all done now! I know that’s not possible. As they say - your house didn’t get this messy overnight and it’s not going to be clean overnight … Continue reading Day 2: The Five Day Purge Continuation